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KöR Whitening’s Tray Laboratory is provided for use by full system users of the KöR Whitening system. The lab is intended as a convenience and learning resource for our full system clients. Although making trays in your own practice is detailed in the training manual, you may opt to have them made by our staff of experts at the KöR-Seal Tray Lab.

Accuracy of Results: If your trays don’t fit and seal as well as the KöR-Seal ones fabricated by the KöR Lab, you will not achieve the maximum whitening results. Your office staff is likely very skilled and talented, but will they achieve the precise sealing ability necessary?


Convenience: Proper fabrication of KöR-Seal Trays is more precise and more time consuming than ordinary bleaching trays. Given the very low cost of KöR-Seal Trays fabricated by the KöR lab, and the convenience of not having dental staff take time to make the trays, many offices opt to use the KöR Lab for all their cases.

Low Cost: The economical KöR-Seal Tray Lab is intended to be used for the convenience and learning of our full system clients. The KöR Lab offers full system users:

1. Education: KöR Whitening results cannot be achieved without our proprietary KöR-Seal Trays. First, the impressions must be ideal, and second, the tray fabrication must be ideal. By sending a case to the KöR Lab, this provides:

a. The ability for us to evaluate your impressions, and provide help to your practice if the impressions do not supply what is needed to fabricate ideal KöR-Seal Trays

b. The ability for dentist and staff to see, up close and personal, exactly how the impressions were trimmed, how the models were trimmed, how the blockout and reservoirs were placed, how the trays were trimmed, how the trays fit the models, and most importantly, how ideal trays should fit the patient’s mouth.The tray fabrication training is covered (including photos) in the Training Manual, however there is never a replacement for the ability to see the models and trays right in your own hands.

Lab stone is much lighter in color when it is freshly mixed, and when it sets, it’s significantly darker. The result is that you can easily see the new stone used to place reservoirs and blockout. However, when the blockout and reservoirs set, it can be more difficult to see. This is precisely why the KöR-Seal Trays Lab uses yellow stone to pour models, and uses blue stone for blockout and reservoirs – as a learning experience, so the dentist and staff can easily see how the models were treated.

All start-up kit specials include a free lab case so that we may evaluate your impressions and so you and your staffKoR-Seal Tray Upper_on teeth can see how KöR-Seal Trays are made, how they fit the model and how they fit the patient’s mouth. It is important not to throw away the impressions or models (for future reference) and to memorize how the trays fit the model, and most importantly, how they fit the patient’s mouth. If you are unable to achieve this when fabricating trays in your own practice, you will not achieve ideal whitening results. If you are unable to achieve the same tray fabrication results compared to your case fabricated by the KöR Lab, it is important to notify KöR to help you with your technique.

2. Convenience: Given the low cost of the KöR Lab trays, many dentists prefer to have the KöR Lab fabricate their trays on a continuing basis. Some believe it’s not worth the time for their staffs to make the trays, and some report that though their assistants are absolutely fabulous at what they do, they just “don’t have it” when it comes to lab work.

At Evolve, our concern is your success and the success of whitening for your patients. Since all the steps and products in the KöR System were developed around the fit and seal of the KöR-Seal Trays, for the most ideal whitening results, the most fool-proof approach is use of the KöR Lab for the fabrication of your KöR-Seal Trays.

KöR Case Studies

Leonard Tau, DMD

Leonard Tau, DMD

Philadelphia, PA

I am so happy to show you the following case.  One of, if not THE most heart-warming case I’ve ever treated of any sort.  This is what being a dentist is all about! I treated a female patient with KöR Whitening, and as always, she had a fantastic result, and was absolutely elated. The next thing I knew, I received a phone call from her sister, who lives more than two hours away.  MORE…

Alina Muntean, DDS

Alina Muntean, DDS

Surfside Beach, SC

I am so happy I’ve found KöR Whitening for my office. I am seeing great results and the patients are thrilled! I was very hesitant about whitening the first case, which is a dark tetracycline stained case. This patient had looked like this for her entire life, and after KöR Whitening she said people were staring at her asking what happened and what she’d done to look so good.  MORE…

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