Our 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

If after using the KöR Whitening System on two patients, you don’t believe the KöR Whitening System is the most effective whitening system you’ve ever used, you may return all unused materials for a full refund of your Start-up Kit cost. This offer is good for 120 days from the date of delivery of your Start-Up Kit.*Guarantee Bug

*Use of all recommended KöR materials, and strict adherence to all prescribed KöR techniques and protocols are required.

KöR Case Studies

Leonard Tau, DMD

Leonard Tau, DMD

Philadelphia, PA

I am so happy to show you the following case.  One of, if not THE most heart-warming case I’ve ever treated of any sort.  This is what being a dentist is all about! I treated a female patient with KöR Whitening, and as always, she had a fantastic result, and was absolutely elated. The next thing I knew, I received a phone call from her sister, who lives more than two hours away.  MORE…

Alina Muntean, DDS

Alina Muntean, DDS

Surfside Beach, SC

I am so happy I’ve found KöR Whitening for my office. I am seeing great results and the patients are thrilled! I was very hesitant about whitening the first case, which is a dark tetracycline stained case. This patient had looked like this for her entire life, and after KöR Whitening she said people were staring at her asking what happened and what she’d done to look so good.  MORE…

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