What Doctors Are Saying About the Exceptional Results of the KöR Whitening System.

Dr. Randy Jones
Summerville, South Carolina
P: 843-873-1261 lowcountrysmiles.com

Dr. Gina Dorfman
Canyon Country, California
P: 661-299-2525 yourdentist.net

Dr, Morton Tau
New City, New York
P: 845-638-1222 drmortontau.com

Dr. Janice Bell
South Orange, New Jersey
P: 973-762-3399

Dr. Mark Markham
Atlantic , Iowa
P: 712-243-1833

Dr. Peter Young
Arcadia, California
P: 626-445-2536 peteryoungdds.com

Dr. Len Tau
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
P: 215-969-4400 pcde.com

April Hall for Dr. Arnel Gallanosa
Indianapolis, Indiana
P: 317-283-2255 accessdentalindy.com

Dr. Molly Karmazin
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
P: 605-323-1320 becausesmilesmatter.com

First Reactions to KöR Whitening.

“I had the pleasure of seeing you talk at the midwinter meeting of the AFP some years ago and it was there that the KöR Whitening seed was planted in my head, and have read with interest your techniques and additions on DentalTown. I have been using a bastardisation of your techniques for some time, but felt that it was best to use your KöR bleach and products for more consistent results now that I have opened my own practice. So far the results I am getting are AMAZING. The Irish patient usually wants something a little more subtle but with your system they are all asking for and getting more whiteness. Finally a method (as a prosthodontist I appreciate sticking unwaveringly to a precise method that gets results) that is consistent and worth the fee for the patient. I congratulate you on your system, and wish you and your company continued success. Your staff have been a pleasure to deal with. And your last mail was just more of the same good service. Of note was that the ice pack was still solid upon arrival at my practice in Ireland.”

Maurice Fitzgerald,
b.dent.sc, m.f.d.s, d.dent.ch Dublin, Ireland

“We had a patient this morning who had her final KöR Whitening appointment. The results were great. She came to me from the posting on your website. She achieved the color she wants and is returning this afternoon to redo one veneer that I told her would not bleach. She is going to NYC tomorrow and did not want to go with white teeth and a dark veneer and we had a cancellation. So thanks again.

I never felt comfortable with ZOOM. I think it worked great on the few who anything would have worked well with. One day I got so fed up with it that I just put the light out in the garbage and called your team. I now have the confidence in telling patients that we can get the teeth to the level they want and not have to worry about the results. Thanks again.”

Thank you,
Dr. Bob Ciccone
Penfield, NY

“My wife thanks you every day for your KöR Whitening System! She was cursed with fluorosis but now has a beautiful smile!”

Dr. Andrew Mohlman
Kennewick, WA

“Thank you so much for your help and well thought out responses to my impression issues. Today, I retook two sets of impressions and they came out fabulous. Furthermore, I wanted to commend you and your staff on a truly first rate, top notch corporation. From start to finish, you are truly first class. We are impressed!!! First Class Customer Service is what we all strive for and you have it down! Thank you and please let me know how I am doing!!!”

Thank you,
Dr. Joshua Slatkoff
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“We are progressing well with our first KöR Whitening MAX cases. The first two have had almost no sensitivity whatsoever. One of the two had been unable to use even 10% Opalescence PF before because of sensitivity (and I had to listen to the complaining, since I’m married to her!). Thanks Rod.”

Dr. Scott White
Glenpool, OK,

I’ve done at least 100 cases of KöR Whitening over the last 5 years, but was afraid to do this one as she is my NEMESIS sensitivity patient. Young “fragile girl,” maybe 21 years. Redhead, fair skin, blue eyes. A- 2, with white spots. Anyway, she’s been hounding me for KöR Whitening. Decided to take the plunge after explicit warnings to her about sensitivity. I was afraid she would never be able to finish. But KöR Hi- White & KöR Desensitizer totally shut down her sensitivity. I was blasting her teeth with cold air/water & no pain!! After just the 9% HP for 40 minutes, she just left a little better than A-1. White spots more intense as I told her, and told her they will get even worse over the next week until the rest of teeth start to catch up, but she can see the change already against the VITA shade guide. Patient is PSYCHED UP!! In the past, I have done well with extreme tetracycline cases but shied away from this case for 2 years. If this is any indicator, Evolve KöR products together with your impression material (worked just great) are THE BOMB!!

Jim Blake, D.D.S.
Hamburg, NY

Thank you for the KöR Whitening System. My patients have all had outstanding results. The results have been great and without sensitivity. I cannot express enough gratitude to you for sharing this remarkable bleaching system. I have close friends and patients with tetracycline stains, or childhood-injured dark teeth that are now in the bleaching shade colors. Some of the toughest tetracycline-stained teeth have improved so much that patients are just plain happy with their smile.

Angie Kula, D.D.S.
La Grange Park, IL

Just got your lovely manual, nice work! The photo album is great, I left it in the reception area today and have two patients who booked straight away! Every patient so far has had teeth whiten into the bleaching shade range and been totally ecstatic with the results. I have never felt more confident when doing whitening that the patient and I will be satisfied with the outcome.

Ranvir Dhillon, B.D.S.
Sandhurst, United Kingdom

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