Peroxide-based whitening gels are unstable, and there’s a reason for that. Once the gel is placed on the patient’s teeth, you want it to start breaking down so that it releases the bleaching byproducts that lead to a whiter smile. If it didn’t break down in the mouth, you’d end up with some pretty unhappy patients.

Of course, the thing that’s good for you patient isn’t all that great for the product before it’s been placed. As soon as a whitening gel is manufactured, it will start to degrade, leading to a reduction in its potency and the release of ions that can increase the likelihood of sensitivity after treatment. In many cases, a whitening product may be exposed to a variety of temperatures as it travels from the manufacturer to the distributor to the dental practice. This can result in some pretty inconsistent whitening outcomes, depending on how warm or hot it is in these different locations.

That’s where KöR Whitening comes in. By keeping all of their whitening gels under constant refrigeration, they virtually stop this product breakdown. You actually receive your whitening shipment in a cold pack.


To learn more about KöR Whitening and the importance of refrigeration, click here.

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