I have often been asked to post about the “top 5 reasons why KöR Whitening is so effective”. Frankly, this is more difficult than you might think. Do I write this from the science perspective – why, scientifically, KöR is so effective? Or do I write this from the standpoint of dentists – why do dentists love using KöR? Or do I write this from the perspective of patients who have had KöR Whitening on their teeth?

I’ve discussed the science many, many times in blogs and other publications. So, I think I’ll stick to writing about why both dentists and patients love KöR Whitening. And who knows? I may even list more than 5 reasons. 😉

From the Patients’ Perspective:

1. Many have found, or at least heard, that typical teeth whitening by dentists isn’t all that impressive. When someone decides they want white teeth, they genuinely want WHITE teeth. It’s disappointing to be underwhelmed with the whitening results and discouraging to then see how quickly those meager results fade.

Exceptional whitening results are what patients love the most about KöR Whitening. With KöR, you’re virtually always going to see an impressive change in your teeth. And better yet, with occasional at-home maintenance, those results can be absolutely permanent. White teeth for a lifetime – it can’t get better than that!

2. In my dental practice, I always found that many patients didn’t bother even asking about teeth whitening because they enjoy staining foods and drinks – especially coffee. And they had heard that they would need to give up those staining foods and beverages after whitening. But that’s not the case with KöR.

When you combine KöR’s amazing effectiveness, and KöR’s simple, occasional at-home maintenance, patients can continue consuming the food and beverages they love.

3. Most have experienced or heard about typical sensitivity felt (sometimes quite severe) during teeth whitening. And they may have heard about potential damage (erosion) to tooth structure from teeth whitening gels. The reason for these problems is often whitening products manufactured with an acidic pH, or more commonly, whitening products with a pH that has become acidic during storage and shipping.

Teeth whitening peroxides are very unstable chemicals, and that’s a good thing. That instability is why the peroxide can break down quickly and whiten teeth. But the problem is that the NON-refrigerated peroxide will significantly break down during storage and shipping before the product can be used. When whitening products degrade, they give off hydrogen ions, which are acid! In other words, whitening products that are even manufactured with a neutral pH will become acidic before used on a patient.

That acidic pH is responsible for potential tooth damage and increasing the osmolality of whitening gels by as much as eleven times. That means up to eleven times more sensitivity. Ouch!

To avoid this premature degradation of whitening gels, KöR Whitening is the first company in the world to refrigerate a full line of whitening products from the instant it is manufactured until the gel is placed on the patients’ teeth. This means virtually no potential for tooth damage and far, far less potential for tooth sensitivity during whitening.

From the Dentists’ Perspective:

First, for those non-dentists reading this, I want to point out that, technically, dental, medical, and veterinary practices are “businesses.” Of course, in addition to being business owners, those doctors have spent years and countless hours learning how to help their patients. So it’s more than “just business.” But still, they want and need their practices (businesses) to be successful. The great thing about being in this situation is that helping patients and being successful in business work hand-in-hand. The more effective you are in truly helping your patients, the more successful your “business” will be.

4. Being a dentist myself and having spoken to thousands of dentists regarding teeth whitening, I can tell you that dentists’ number one frustration with teeth whitening is the exceptional unpredictability. “Will this whitening procedure even work on this patient? What do I tell the patient when they complain about the result? Will they be angry?”

One of the most common complaints we hear from dentists calling us for the first time is, “We don’t really push whitening too much because we don’t see that great of results. However, patients ask for it.” Of course, soon after the dental practice starts using KöR, we hear the amazement from those same practices regarding the wonderful responses they’ve seen from their patients when using KöR Whitening.

Dentists find that KöR is virtually always predictable. No, we can’t know exactly what shade the teeth will achieve, but we do know that the change will be impressive. That’s a great feeling for the dentist and the dental practice staff.

5. KöR Whitening often leads to patients requesting more cosmetic dental procedures. That’s not only good for the patients but also good for the dentist’s business. We commonly find how amazed patients are with their new, truly WHITE teeth. Every time they see themselves in the mirror, they’re surprised to see such whiteness. They’re not used to it…yet.

These patients often start looking at and paying more attention to their teeth, close up in the mirror. When they see existing darker crowns, even on the back teeth, or fillings that now look too dark, or spaces, or chips, or a little crookedness of the teeth, or, or, or… they then ask their dentist about enhancing those areas also. In fact, they get very excited about making changes.

Of course, the patients’ enthusiasm makes the dentist excited too. But also, the additional cosmetic treatment brings more “business” to the practice. We hear this several times, every single day, at KöR Whitening.

6. The same new excitement about having white teeth results in patients taking even better care of their mouths. Brushing more. Flossing more. And making sure to keep up their hygiene appointments at the dental practice. Again, that’s great for the dentist’s business and even better for the patients’ oral health.

7. What leads to increasing the success of most businesses? Referrals. You go to a restaurant, and you LOVE the ambiance, the impeccable and friendly service, and the wonderful food. And you just can’t wait to tell all your friends. You almost feel like you owe that loyalty to such a great business.

Well, the same applies to a dental practice. We hear it all the time from our KöR Whitening providers. Patients get incredibly excited about their whitening results. So they tell everyone they know. The change in whiteness is so obvious that friends and acquaintances ask about their white teeth.

As a dentist myself, of course, I’ve always loved to receive referrals to expand my dental practice “business.” But far, far more importantly, seeing all the referrals has always made me feel great, realizing those referrals were made because my patients were happy with the care my staff and I have provided.

I’d love to keep going, but I was asked for only five reasons, and I’ve given seven. So I’ll stop here.

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