Are you struggling to choose which tooth whitening system to use in your practice? If so, there are a lot of things to consider prior to purchasing a system. If you’re looking for an exceptionally reliable teeth whitening system, KöR Whitening merits consideration. In this article, we will review some of the key differences in how the products are handled at KöR, how we approach the science behind whitening and how we deal with the major issue of whitening sensitivity.

The Science Behind KöR Whitening
First, it’s important to note that there is a lot of science behind the fact that constantly refrigerated peroxide whitening gels will retain better potency than those that are not kept refrigerated at all times. Constant refrigeration also decreases the need for chemical stabilizers, which reduces the effectiveness of the whitening chemistry and usually leads to increased sensitivity in patients.

“KöR Whitening is widely recognized throughout the world as the most effective whitening system.”

How Typical Whitening Companies Handle Products
Most whitening gel formulas are manufactured at an offsite chemical manufacturing center. The gels then go into a warehouse. Most of these warehouses are not refrigerated (and not even air-conditioned). The gels are later shipped in hot freight trucks, only to then be put in another un-refrigerated warehouse at the whitening company, where they are stored until purchased by a dentist. These non-refrigerated gels will break down sooner and will not be as potent when eventually used at the dental office or by the patient at home. 

How KöR Whitening Products Are Handled
KöR Whitening is the first and only whitening company to keep its gels constantly refrigerated throughout every manufacturing, storage and delivery phase, at temperatures between 34-36 degrees Fahrenheit.

The manufacturing facility immediately places the gels into refrigerated storage. Then, the gels are shipped in refrigerated trucks to the Evolve warehouse, which uses large industrial refrigerators to maintain constant cold temperatures. Prior to the final refrigerated shipping stage, KöR Whitening representatives will schedule arrival dates with individual dental offices to ensure that the gels are received cold, and refrigerated immediately upon receipt.

How KöR Whitening Addresses Sensitivity
KöR Whitening reduces typical sensitivity in two ways:

  • KöR’s constant refrigeration eliminates the need to use any chemical stabilizers. Chemical stabilizers are responsible for increasing the osmolarity of whitening gel as much as 11-fold. KöR, therefore, has as little as 1/11th the “pull” on dentinal tubular fluid, and therefore significantly less sensitivity.
  • Every patient kit of KöR at-home whitening comes with a desensitizer that plugs dentinal tubules instantly, on contact. This desensitizer is applied daily by the patient after each session of whitening

Exceptional whitening results are achieved typically with significantly lower reports of patient sensitivity. 

KöR Whitening has changed the way teeth whitening is done with more active and effective gel formulations and constant refrigeration that eliminates the need for detrimental chemical stabilizers.

For more information about KöR Whitening products and the science behind our systems, contact us today.

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