How do you achieve teeth whitening effectiveness and predictability and reduce sensitivity?

Dr. Rod Kurthy, the Founder and CEO of KöR Whitening, and his team have gathered research that looks specifically at these issues and shows that lack of refrigeration is the culprit. When whitening products are left unrefrigerated for long periods or are exposed to intense heat—which can happen during transit from the manufacturing facility to company headquarters or distribution centers and then to the dental office—they experience uncontrolled chemical degradation. You can read more about the science behind this here.

KöR has solved this problem by ensuring their products are constantly refrigerated from the time of manufacture until delivery to the dental practice. They’re refrigerated at the manufacturing facility, in delivery trucks, and at the KöR headquarters. KöR Whitening refrigerates its full line of whitening gels from the time of manufacture until they are delivered cold to the dental office. And, for good measure, during that confirmation call, the dentist and staff are reminded of the need for refrigeration…and big red labels on the product boxes provide an additional reminder. I call that thorough!


For more information about KöR Whitening products and the science behind our systems, contact us today.

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