Do you know how teeth whitening works? I mean, how it really works? Do you have any idea how the various whitening products currently on the market got their start? How about the research behind them? Is that information you can get your hands on so that you can explain to patients (and yourself) how those products make teeth whiter?

As with many products and devices we use every day, the beginning of modern teeth whitening was an accidental discovery. In an effort to heal the gums of orthodontic patients after appliance removal, orthodontists made trays and filled them with an over-the-counter product that just happened to have carbamide peroxide as its active ingredient. That’s how it all started.

From there we got stronger formulations, lights, and lasers…all in an effort to get teeth whiter faster, but with little understanding of how (or if), they worked.

I think I’m like a lot of patients (with a wee bit more dental knowledge) and want to know that the products my dentist uses are backed by science and research. I want to know that they’re safe and that they’ll do what the manufacturers say they’ll do.

KöR Whitening is a product that actually is backed up by science…quite a lot of it, in fact. Dr. Rod Kurthy, whitening science expert and founder of KöR Whitening, gives a great explanation of the history of whitening as well as the science behind whitening that works. I think you’ll find what he says enlightening.

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To learn more about the science of whitening and how KöR puts science to work, click here to download the free Science Paper.

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