So, I didn’t know this, but heat lamps were the first source of light used to accelerate the chemical reaction that leads to whiter teeth. And the result? Overheating the dental pulp to the point that some patients required endodontic therapy. Ouch! Thus began the race to discover just the right kind of light to get teeth white as quickly as possible. However, even after developing various lights and lasers to speed whitening, the results can be unpredictable and potentially lead to sensitivity.

Dr. Rod Kurthy, Founder and CEO of KöR Whitening, has taken a different approach. As a whitening science expert, he understands the chemistry, physics, physiology, and microanatomy of whitening and was able to develop chemical activator formulations that eliminate the need for lights and lasers.

When eight dentists evaluated KöR Whitening for Dental Product Shopper, all eight described it as much better than similar products, said they would definitely buy it again, and would definitely recommended it to their colleagues. 

Looks like KöR solved the problem.


Click here to learn more about whitening lights, the chemical formulation of KöR products, and how to address requests from patients for specific bleaching light systems.

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