I hear comments all the time from dentist colleagues about all the before & after photos on our website and in our marketing.

The thing is that when a dentist becomes a KöR Whitening provider, or a patient signs up for KöR Whitening, neither are paying for product or treatment. They’re paying solely for results. Results are the only important thing. So when dentists get excited and email us these photos, of course, we are excited and love to show everyone.

We’ve become known as the whitening company that shows results in their advertising. Sure, any company can show a few excellent results, but we’ve got hundreds. And the funny thing is that it drives the other whitening companies nuts!

In fact, I’ve seen several other whitening companies, in response to all the before and after photos, we have, actually solicit photos from their customers. I’ve seen them offer cash rewards for good cases and offers of iPads, credits on their accounts, etc. But still we don’t see those whitening companies show more than a very small handful of nice cases – and pretty much none of them started as “difficult cases”. Obviously, they’re simply not receiving many photos from their dentist customers.

We’ve never asked KöR Whitening dentists for photos. They just seem to get so very excited that they want to show us. So we’re receiving before and after photos all the time. In fact, we’ve got over 400 cases on our website that have been sent to us by KöR Whitening dentists. And other than cropping some of those photos, those photos have not been altered at all.

And we’ve gotten at least an additional 400 sets of photos since posting those 400+ on our website. Posting way over 400 cases would probably be a bit overkill.

Receiving emails and phone calls, not only from excited dentists and their staffs but from their patients thanking us, is the single most fun thing about having created KöR Whitening and my company. To see so many lives changed – especially the really difficult cases where patients have always been apprehensive to smile or otherwise show their teeth – is such a great feeling! If you’re a dentist, you know exactly what I mean.

If you haven’t perused through those photos, just visit https://www.korwhitening.com//seeing-is-believing/

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