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Introducing Dr. Judy Marcovici – North Reading, MA

We sat down with Dr. Judy Marcovici to find out why she chose the KöR Whitening system for her practice.

What key features and benefits do you like best about KöR Whitening?

The KöR system has a lot of features to like including:

Its use of a separate desensitizer to minimize or remove any chance of sensitivity.

Its unique system of using at-home trays to cleanse inside the tooth structure by removing internal stain molecules before in-office whitening so that the higher concentration in-office KöR gel can easily and rapidly soak into the tooth structure for remarkable results.

I am an extremely study-driven doctor. I need to know that the products we are using are backed by independent research and have proven results that we can rely on. The KöR system definitely has the results data to back the claims they make.

What do you like about the KöR Whitening system compared to other whitening systems?

I like that the KöR system doesn’t use a light or laser like some other systems try to push. The gel is the actual product that does the whitening in these systems but the light is used because patients have begun to expect it. The studies show that these lights don’t have any impact on the amount of whitening beyond simply dehydrating the tooth, so immediately upon leaving the office the tooth seems whiter until your mouth rehydrates. I feel that the lights are used as a marketing ploy and it just seems dishonest to me to use something unnecessary just to try and “wow” a patient into getting a treatment done.

How has using KöR Whitening impacted your practice?

I love that I have a whitening system that can guarantee results because of its unique 3-barrel syringes and treatment methodology. This whitening system even has solutions for patients with intrinsic staining so deep that they have previously only been given veneers or crowns as an option for correction. The best impact any doctor can ask for on their practice is the ability to offer reliable, minimally invasive solutions to lifelong problems.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I completed my undergraduate education at the University of Connecticut in my home state, following up with a DMD from Florida’s LECOM School of Dental Medicine. I continued to expand my knowledge with an Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency at the Medical University of South Carolina, where my focus was on the treatment of complex dental cases. I intend on building Inertia Dental into a one-stop-shop for comprehensive dental care.
I believe in a patient-focus with a gentle touch and an easygoing chairside manner—people first, teeth second. Patient comfort is my priority, and the relaxation of anxious patients is a challenge I welcome.

Office information and links:

291 Main Street, North Reading, MA 01864

Phone: 978-222-7727

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