Positive change is exciting. Whether it’s incorporating regular activity and nutritious food into daily life, moving outside of a comfort zone to pursue a new career, or taking steps to ensure a beautiful healthy smile, people feel good about themselves when they create a plan to improve their lives. The pursuit and maintenance of positive change can be fairly simple—and really quite pleasurable—when it becomes part of daily life.

Take, for example, teeth whitening.

Helping patients achieve a beautiful smile with KöR Whitening is the first step in the positive change.

Next, you want to help patients maintain the full whiteness of their shiny new smiles for a lifetime while they continue enjoying the wine, coffee, or other foods and beverages that they fear will stain their teeth.

With just a little effort by patients, the KöR Whitening Maintenance program will help them preserve—for their lifetime—the smile they achieved with your help.

All it requires for most patients is wearing their KöR-Seal Whitening Trays once a month at home to remove staining debris that builds up since they last whitened (not the lifetime of accumulation you tackled at the first whitening).

For patients with tougher staining (like those related to tetracycline use), you may need to develop a personalized maintenance program, such as KöR Accelerated Maintenance. However, Accelerated Maintenance can be used with all patients. 

Here’s how it works:

A gradual reduction in whitening is prescribed beginning immediately after the initial whitening protocol is complete. That reduction continues until the typical patient reaches once-a-month whitening maintenance.

Your patients who smoke or consume coffee, red wine, and other staining drinks and food may tell you that whitening isn’t worth their time and effort because they think their teeth will quickly darken again. Use your case presentation to explain that with KöR Whitening and maintenance, they can effectively whiten their smile and keep it that way for the rest of their lives. Reassure them that the process is simple and that you’re there to help.

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