When it comes to teeth whitening solutions, there have been a lot of issues that have been left unresolved for those in the dental field. While various whitening systems have been around for years, many dentists have found them to be frustrating and unpredictable. This was the case until KöR Whitening’s groundbreaking teeth whitening technology came onto the scene. For those unfamiliar with our product, here is a brief guide describing the science behind the KöR Whitening System.

Problems Solved
In the past, most teeth whitening companies have promised products that were easy to use and produced great results. Unfortunately, the systems didn’t always work as advertised. Results were inconsistent, the teeth didn’t always stay white for long, and teeth were too sensitive to the whitening gels. Ineffective systems made dentists and their staffs look bad, and that is something we at KöR Whitening won’t stand for.

KöR Whitening has overcome these common whitening issues by developing gels that are maintained at high potency via constant refrigeration until the dental office receives them. The whitening chemistry is designed to penetrate deep into each tooth’s microstructure. The scientifically based methods of application have been thoroughly researched. The results are what dentists and their patients have always desired from teeth whitening systems:


  1. Intense Whitening — When the full power of KöR’s science-based whitening is released, the result is genuinely white teeth – not just the typical modest whitening of other systems. And isn’t that what our patients are hoping for?
  2. Consistent Predictability — The combination of the unique KöR clinical protocol and products formulated to work hand-in-hand with that protocol, works consistently, and amazing results are achieved time and time again.
  3. Minimal Sensitivity — Because KöR constantly refrigerates their whitening gels, they don’t need to use highly sensitizing chemical stabilizers such as phosphoric acid – this lowers osmolarity by as much as eleven times less. And every KöR Whitening kit comes with a desensitizer that patients apply at home every day. This KöR desensitizer plugs any open dentinal tubules instantly.
  4. Stability of Whiteness — With simple occasional KöR at-home maintenance, the whitening results are permanent. Patients may continue to enjoy their favorite foods and beverages.
“The KöR Whitening system works because it gets so deep into the microstructure of teeth.”

How KöR Whitening Is Different

The KöR Whitening system works because it gets so deep into the microstructure of teeth. That’s where large, long-chain natural pigment and stain molecules are trapped and magnetic molecular bonds between atoms (otherwise known as chromophores) form. The more chromophores, the more light is absorbed by teeth. Thus, they will appear darker.

KöR Whitening has developed unique, high-potency peroxide gels with maximum release of bleaching factors. Our formulas disintegrate these color molecules and chromophore bonds via the processes of oxygenation and conversion. In simple terms, think of it like those old “scrubbing bubbles” commercials. Massive, long-chain stain molecules are broken apart and pushed back out of the teeth via diffusion, reversing the process of extrinsic stain soaking into tooth structure, becoming intrinsic stain. The remaining stain and pigment molecules are broken down into ultra-small white molecules. This results in beautifully white teeth that will stay white because changes have been made on a molecular level deep within the tooth microstructure.

Proven Results
To achieve these goals, the peroxide products must be fully potent when applied, chemically influenced to increase the most effective type of breakdown products from peroxide, and maintain effectiveness and neutral pH for longer periods of time, allowing the deepest penetration into the microstructure of the teeth. Our whitening system has proven to be effective on all of these measures. That means more satisfied patients and better whitening business for your dental office.

For more information about KöR Whitening and the science behind our groundbreaking teeth whitening system, contact us today at 866-763-7753.

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