Dentists have been told that offering a tooth whitening service at your practice can be a great way to build your practice. We’ve been told that whitening will impress our patients, cause them to want more cosmetic dentistry, excite patients so they refer others to us, and the list goes on and on.

Most dentists have found this to be untrue. The patient’s teeth get a little brighter, and they’ve forgotten about it the next day. The whitening is so minimal that none of their friends even notice. Sometimes patients even feel the whitening was a waste of money and effort.


BUT… when you can routinely exceed your patients’ hopes, and impress them with genuinely white results that last, they become infatuated with their new white smile. They just can’t keep their eyes off their teeth. And that is when they notice the crowns and fillings that now look too dark – and they want them replaced. They notice spaces, chips, unevenness, etc. Now they start asking for cosmetic services.

When their teeth become genuinely WHITE, their friends notice… and compliment them. And of course, then the dentist’s name comes up. The patient is so grateful to the dentist, they jump at the chance to refer others.

And now the patient is duly impressed. They think the dentist walks on water. They tend to follow recommendations for necessary and optional treatment.

How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot with your Marketing
A lot of dentists will offer a low-cost (or sometimes even free) whitening treatment as a way to bring in “new patients”. But are these people really “new patients”? No. They are there to check you out and give you a chance to prove to them that they SHOULD BE a new patient. That first visit is where the “potential new patient” is interviewing you and will be waiting to see how good of a job you do.

Many of those same dentists believe that since they’re giving the service away for free, of course, the patient isn’t expecting much. Wrong! This is your test. This is where you show them if you’re a “good dentist” or not. Don’t screw it up.

Just think of all the effort and money you’ve spent on your marketing. And think of how relatively few “potential new patients” respond. So you’ve spent a LOT of money on every one of those “potential” new patients. Now is your chance to PROVE to them that they made the correct choice for themselves and their families. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to show your stuff!

Why Some Whitening Gels Don’t Work
Lesser whitening gels are designed to stand up to warmer temperatures during storage and shipping. They utilize chemical stabilizers to prevent the premature breakdown of the peroxide. The truth is that this also slows down the chemical reaction in the patient’s mouth, making the treatment less effective. Likewise, stabilizers increase osmolarity and acidic pH, leading to more whitening sensitivity.

The KöR Whitening Difference
KöR Whitening produces high-potency peroxide gels designed to get maximum whitening results with minimal sensitivity. And we are the first teeth whitening company to refrigerate a full line of whitening gels at every stage of manufacture, shipping, storage and final delivery to your office. Constant refrigeration allows our whitening gels to be formulated without the need for chemical stabilizers, resulting in the lowest osmolarity possible and therefore the least potential for sensitivity.

KöR Whitening products will help generate more satisfied customers who are more likely to return and refer others. They will get the whitening results they desire – and often more than they hoped for – and walk away feeling good about their investment. No matter how you sell your whitening treatments, KöR Whitening will help you build a better practice.

To learn more about KöR Whitening products and treatments, contact us today. We’ll be happy to share the science behind our whitening systems and show you how offering our products can benefit your dental practice.

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