Some of the most expensive procedures in dentistry involve restoration work. Crowns and bridges can cost a pretty penny with a lot of time and effort spent to match the shade of a patient’s natural teeth. When their natural teeth darken over time, a patient may soon develop a mismatched-looking smile as their natural teeth are no longer the shade of the expensive cosmetic work. As Dr. James Helmy recently discovered, not only does KöR Whitening produce the very best whitening result, it also allowed him to have more control of the shade of his patient’s whitening result.

Dr. Helmy had a patient with crowns on teeth 7-10 as well as a bridge covering 12-15. if a patient is trying to maintain an even looking smile at a reasonable price, their options are limited. And the patient has visual proof of their darkening teeth staring at them every time they look in the mirror. It’s like having their very own before and after photo — and not in a good way. KöR Whitening allowed Dr. Helmy to keep his patient’s cost down while getting a great result.

After an initial patient exam, Dr. Helmy decided KöR Max was the best system to use in this situation. KöR Max is going to provide the best possible result for any patient with average staining. The first step was having the patient’s KöR-Seal™ whitening trays fabricated. Dr. Helmy then instructed the patient to whiten at home for 14 consecutive nights. This was followed with a one-hour in-office visit featuring KöR Dual Activated, Tri-Barrel™ Hydremide® Peroxide gel. After completing the procedure, Dr. Helmy and the patient were thrilled with the results.

Dr. Helmy was especially pleased with how the whitening result matched the shade of the patient’s crowns and bridge. This can save the patient a lot of money by not having to redo any of the restorative work. The best part is that with periodic maintenance, the patient will never have to worry about mismatched teeth again.

By using KöR Whitening, Dr. Helmy was able to give his patient a great looking smile. This leads to not only happy patient’s but also loyal patients. That’s what you call a win-win.

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