At KöR Whitening, we have lots of scientific evidence to show how effective our products are, but nothing says more than real testimonials from dentists and their patients. Dr. Nancy Duque from San Antonio, TX recently shared her story with the Dental Product Shopper journal. When the topic of teeth whitening came up, she explained why she started using KöR Whitening four years ago and why she continues to use our products now.

Dr. Duque’s first introduction to teeth whitening came in 1990 after she opened her first practice. “I attended a bleaching course,” she said in her interview. “At that time, all whitening was done with trays. It definitely helped my patients, but with the system I was using then—and with a lot of the products available at the time—it required constant maintenance.”

Dr. Duque explained that new whitening trays needed to be purchased by patients every few months, and the whitening treatments had to be repeated on a regular basis. It may have been good for business, but the results didn’t last and eventually, patients became less and less satisfied with the process.

“Dr. Duque’s story is one of many that has helped patients achieve a brighter smile through the KöR Whitening experience.”

Ultimately, Dr. Duque sold her first practice and went to work for a corporate practice. There, they used a whitening system that incorporated the use of a bleaching light. Her patients would get frequent zingers, which caused them extreme pain and discomfort. “We let patients know ahead of time that they might experience this discomfort and that it would go away,” Dr. Duque said. “In addition to the unpleasant experience for the patients, the mechanics of working with the light was time-consuming and cumbersome.”

Eventually, Dr. Duque bought her own practice again—roughly six years ago. She also had a bleaching light system there but didn’t make much effort to promote it as part of her dental services due to its ineffectiveness. But when Dr. Duque first read about KöR Whitening in a dental journal a couple years after starting her new practice, her opinion on teeth whitening shifted.

What did Dr. Duque prefer about the KöR Whitening system? “KöR offers multiple whitening options to fit the needs of each patient and their desired outcomes,” she said. “With each option available, my patients see excellent and visible improvements to their teeth. ”

In addition, KöR Whitening is the only system that will treat tetracycline stains, as Dr. Duque has found with a few of her patients. “I’ve whitened two patients with tetracycline stains. In the past, the only option for these patients would have been veneers,” she said. “But with KöR, we’re able to offer them another option.”

Overall, Dr. Duque’s patients have continued to be very satisfied. “My patients don’t experience any sensitivity and the results are permanent—with only occasional home maintenance. And patients especially like that they can continue enjoying their favorite foods and beverages without affecting the whiteness of their teeth.”

Dr. Duque’s story is one of many that has helped patients achieve a brighter smile through the KöR Whitening experience.

To learn more about KöR Whitening and how it can help your patients get whiter teeth, contact us today!

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