Dr. Leonard Tau is a leading dentist in Philadelphia, Pa. He has been utilizing KöR Whitening’s teeth whitening systems and he was kind enough to share one of his most meaningful success stories.

“This is one of, if not THE, most heartwarming cases I’ve ever treated of any sort,” shares Dr. Tau. “This is what being a dentist is all about.”


A Family Crisis
It started when Dr. Tau treated a female patient with KöR Whitening. “As always, she had a fantastic result and was absolutely elated,” he said. Not long after that, Dr. Tau received a call from this patient’s sister. She explained that her 12-year-old son’s teeth were severely discolored. He was very self-conscious of it and refused to even smile. It was greatly affecting his life.

During the initial consultation with the boy and his mother, Dr. Tau took some pictures. It took a lot of coaxing to get the boy to open his mouth and show his discolored teeth. The fluorosis was clearly evident with significant brown spots resulting from excess fluoride inhibiting his ameloblasts. His incisors showed the most discoloration, covering approximately 60% of the two top front teeth.

Recommended Treatment
For such an extreme case, Dr. Tau sought the opinion of his colleague, Dr. Rod Kurthy, who is the founder and developer of KöR Whitening. Dr. Tau was considering different methods, including KöR Whitening, microabrasion and using a composite for removal of the discoloration. “Rod assured me that the results would be spectacular with KöR Whitening,” said Dr. Tau. “I felt this was the much more conservative approach of all the considered treatments.”

An appropriate KöR Whitening protocol was used and Dr. Tau will tell you that the results were nothing short of incredible. The boy was smiling more than ever before, proud to show off his whiter teeth. “What an absolutely changed person he is,” said Dr. Tau. “I’m told he’s right back to his glowing, extroverted personality. His mom was so happy that she convinced the school to allow her to take her son to the photographer and get a new school photo. My patient and his mom are absolutely thrilled with the results. Thanks for all your help, KöR Whitening!”

The KöR Whitening Difference
Dr. Tau’s story is truly inspiring. We’re proud to know that our teeth whitening products and treatments made a real difference in the life of this young boy and his family.

To learn more about KöR Whitening and how it can help your patients get whiter teeth, contact us today or visit our website for product information, scientific research and additional case studies from dentists and their patients.

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