When it comes to teeth whitening solutions, results are what matter most. While you can save time and money on cheaper whitening systems, these solutions oftentimes show poor results, leaving patients unsatisfied with their treatment. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. With KöR Whitening’s solutions, patients will receive a high quality, reliable whitening treatment. See the KöR difference in our whitening system below!


The Tri-Barrel Design
The KöR Whitening System is the world’s first whitening system that uses a unique Dual Activated, Tri-Barrel™ Hydremide® Peroxide technology. This keeps the whitening gel separated into three barrels for maximum chemical reaction upon treatment. This design allows for just one in-office treatment, making the process easier than ever before.

Constant Refrigeration
In addition to the innovative tri-barrel design, KöR Whitening is the first manufacturer that keeps its gels constantly refrigerated throughout the storage and delivery processes. There is a significant amount of scientific proof that the hydrogen peroxide will break down quicker in gels that are not under constant refrigeration or are exposed to heat at any point along the way (common during storage or transport). That peroxide breakdown reaction is the key chemical process behind teeth whitening gels. In order to preserve maximum potency prior to treatment, KöR Whitening keeps its products refrigerated at all times. Likewise, it eliminates the need for using chemical stabilizers in the gel, which also reduce potency and whitening effectiveness.

Innovative Bleaching Trays
KöR Whitening developed the unique KöR-Seal Whitening Trays to enhance whitening performance during treatment. This minimizes the interaction with saliva and sulcular fluid in the mouth, which will destroy peroxide gel on contact. The ideal combination of slow-release KöR Whitening at-home gels and these innovative bleaching trays will enable a full 6-plus hours of whitening activity – while the patient sleeps.

KöR Whitening offers a wide variety of teeth whitening systems to handle all types of teeth discoloration and all types of patients, including those with tetracycline stains. With our products, we promise you’ll see better, more reliable results after treatment.

To learn more about KöR Whitening products and the science behind our innovative whitening treatments, contact us today.

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