Before KöR Whitening, patients experienced one teeth whitening disappointment after another, which became increasingly frustrating to them, to myself and to my entire staff. After trying the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System on myself, I knew I had found my secret weapon. My patients and staff are “wowed” every single time.

Yvonne Wong, DDS. Sunnyvale, California

My name is Yvonne Wong. My husband and I are dentists in Sunnyvale, California. Before KöR Whitening, we had nothing but disappointment after disappointment. Patients often didn’t notice any whitening; and, if they did, they still weren’t happy. I was disgusted and hardly ever mentioned bleaching to patients.

I decided to get Dr. Kurthy’s KöR Whitening training manual, and tried it on myself. My teeth got incredibly white (just look at my picture now!), and my staff was simply amazed. Then they all wanted KöR Whitening. I had found my secret weapon.

My confidence shot up and I fell in love with dentistry again. I can feel a change in the way I talk to patients now. If you haven’t tried KöR Whitening yet, your jaws will drop to the floor when you see the results. Every time a patient sees their teeth when we finish a case, they can’t believe the results, and my entire staff is “wowed” every time. It’s contagious.





I am amazed at how much bleaching I do now. Most referrals come to me because of KöR Whitening. Their friends get KöR Whitening, and then they want the same thing.

I recently had a patient with very, very dark tetracycline stained teeth. She said that everyone used to ask her if she was a smoker. We didn’t have a shade guide in the office that even came close to her dark teeth, but when we were done with KöR Whitening, she was much lighter than a B-1. She said this was one of the most important things that had ever happened to her.

Thank you so much for that, Dr. Kurthy. I love being a dentist again.

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