Dr. Rod Kurthy’s KöR Whitening system has helped us achieve our goals of patient satisfaction and practice profitability. We’ve had fantastic results even in patients with severe tetracycline staining! We have also never had a patient experience sensitivity with this system.

Victor Burdick, DDS. Littleton, Colorado

My name is Victor Burdick and I practice in Littleton, Colorado. I am so grateful to have discovered Rod Kurthy’s KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System. In the past, we chose not to offer in-office whitening because of the inconsistent and disappointing results. Even the take home whitening that we have offered for years can sometimes unexpectedly fall short. We ordered KöR Whitening to provide that extra service for our patients who we would not have otherwise even attempted whitening before. We also ordered it for those who needed a powerful whitening boost over our standard protocol.

Our very first KöR Whitening patient had severe tetracycline staining and, as you can see, the results were fantastic. When the hygienists came into my operatory to look at the results, they actually squealed with excitement (and I have very dignified hygienists)! The results were better than we could have dreamed.







The team is now so excited to show off our KöR Whitening before-and-after photos to their patients that THEY make ME late for lunch. They are selling whitening all the time now. We have implemented Dr. Kurthy’s KöR Whitening protocols for all of our whitening patients, because of the incredible, dependable results.

The unexpected bonus about this system is the sensitivity factor. Many patients have experienced discomfort and even pain with our previous whitening systems. We have never had a patient with sensitivity to Dr. Kurthy’s system.

We appreciate the benefit that KöR Whitening gives to our bottom line in production and referrals. We hired a photographer to take some portraits of our cosmetic patients, and she has been so impressed by our before-and-after photos that she has become a patient, referring friends and family! We are featuring KöR Whitening in our next newsletter and can’t wait to get professional photos up on the walls!

In our office, just like in yours, the challenge is to provide the best services possible and keep the practice profitable, the patients happy, and the team happy. Dr. Rod Kurthy’s KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System is one more piece of the puzzle that helps us to achieve these goals. Thank you, Dr. Kurthy, for another win-win!

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