My patients have gone from having their self-esteem suffer to smiling constantly thanks to the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System. For the first time in some patients’ lives, they are smiling now. 100% confidence for them and for me!

Stephen Glass, DDS. Spring, Texas

My name is Stephen Glass and I am a dentist in Spring, Texas. I’ve found that the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System always causes very emotional responses from my patients and even my staff! I’d like to talk about two patients who absolutely hated their smiles for as long as they could remember. The first had typical banded tetracycline staining, and the other had very bleaching-resistant ultra-dark teeth. These patients consciously avoided smiling in social situations, photographs, etc. Without their even realizing, it had even affected their self-esteem.

My banded tetracycline stain patient virtually went wild when she saw how KöR Whitening had changed her smile – changed her life! I don’t think a result like this has ever been possible before KöR Whitening.





In the next case, this patient had unsuccessfully tried having his tetracycline stained teeth bleached previously. After bleaching, he’d had the two crowns placed on teeth #s 8 & 9 to match the rest of his teeth. The shade match was very adequate, but of course he was never happy with the resulting color.


Can you imagine how this patient reacted when he saw the results of KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ in the mirror after we were finished? Just look at the magnitude of difference between the color of his two crowns and his natural teeth. Of course, we’ve replaced those crowns, and for the first time that he can remember, this patient now loves to smile. And as fate would have it with such an impressive case, I went and lost the pre-op photo! Grrr.

Dentist friends of mine sometimes ask me about KöR Whitening and what the results are like. I tell them that this system not only gets all teeth amazingly white, but that, more importantly, it totally changes the lives of our patients. To me, that is what KöR Whitening is all about.

This has changed the way I practice. My staff and I no longer worry if our patients will respond to bleaching – we have 100% confidence and enthusiasm, and that is a great feeling! Thanks, Dr. Kurthy!

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