A 61 year old who achieved a shade 020 and a 46 year old who went from a C2 to an 010 with the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System. My patients have had amazing results. This is the last whitening system you’ll ever want to use!

Ron Evans, DDS. Rockwall, Texas

My name is Ron Evans, and I practice in Rockwall, Texas. In the past, I would just hope for results, but with KöR Whitening I now expect great results. I am blown away! I recently finished my first case, and I was so impressed that I contacted Dr. Kurthy to tell him all about it. And now I’ve finished my second case, and WOW! My first patient was 61, and I’ve found that older patients are always very difficult to bleach. She also started out as a shade A-2, which is pretty darned light for a 61 year old. She told me that she’s always had rather light teeth and is sick and tired of them being as dark as they are. I warned my patient that even at age 61, teeth are more difficult to whiten and not to expect a lot. Was I wrong! The patient went three shades lighter than a B-1, right to a bleaching shade 020. She was surprised and excited, my staff was surprised and excited, and I was virtually dumbfounded. I’ve never before seen this sort of result on this type of patient.







My second case was a 46-year-old female patient. C2 all the way to 010. That’s four shades lighter than a B1. Unbelievable! After seeing the results, my assistant looked at me and said, “We’ve got to do that on us! We can’t let our patients have whiter teeth than us.” You just don’t see these results with any other system out there! KöR Whitening takes whitening to the next level. Thanks a million for producing a whitening system that really works. Now I have no reservations about telling patients that we can achieve the results they desire. No more marketing hype, no more false promises, no more disappointments. What would I say to other dentists out there? I’d say, “Forget all the other bleaching materials on the market. KöR Whitening will be the last whitening system and products you will ever want to use.”

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