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KöR® Whitening

Take the challenge with one of our start-up specials and see if you agree the KöR whitening system is the most effective teeth whitening system.
No more crossing your fingers hoping for a Great Result!

See our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Below*

  • KöR has kits for every case type, from young to old patients, from average color teeth to tetracycline and dentinogenesis, and from patients with average to obsessive expectations.
  • The KöR Lab now accepts hassle-free digital impressions
  • Refrigerated Gels – Gels are constantly refrigerated from manufacture until you receive them cold to maintain ulmate potency
  • Lower Sensitivity – KöR Complete Desensitizer applied daily by patients at home

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(866) 763-7753


Dr. Rod Kurthy, Founder & CEO

* If after using the KöR Whitening System on two patients, you don’t believe the KöR Whitening System is the most effective whitening system you’ve ever used, you may return all unused materials for a full refund of your Start-up Kit cost.This offer is good for 120 days from the date of delivery of your Start-Up Kit.**
**Use of all recommended KöR materials, and strict adherence to all prescribed KöR techniques and protocols are required.

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