My staff has been completely energized using the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System on patients, because it changes their lives for the better, forever. In particular, I recall one lady who had always had dark teeth and wanted to attend her 30th high school reunion, but was too embarrassed. We used KöR Whitening and got her to an amazing shade 030. She literally cried tears of joy.

Kevin Potocsky, DDS. Allen Park, Michigan

My name is Kevin Potocsky and I practice in Allen Park, Michigan. I have done many KöR Whitening cases, and the results are simply remarkable. I am excited about offering this to my patients because I know it works, especially when comparing it against other bleaching methods.

I’d like to discuss a case based mainly on the patient’s huge reaction. This 48-year-old patient told me that her teeth have always been very dark. This was not just a matter of years of staining; we were either dealing with a congenital darkness or some tetracycline staining.

She had a 30-year high school reunion coming up, and did not want to go because of her smile. She said she didn’t smile at all because of the embarrassing dark color and ugly crowns (see teeth #s 8 & 9). We decided to do KöR Whitening, followed by replacement of crowns 8 & 9.





You see shade tab C-3 in the pre-op photo, but you can also see that her teeth were actually much darker than the C-3 shade tab. Her final shade after KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ was an amazing 030 bleach shade (two shades lighter than a B-1). She cried when she first saw her new color and couldn’t wait for me to replace her crowns. She said that her teeth had never been white like this – not even close – and that this changed her entire life. She is still absolutely beside herself with joy, and so are we.

I wanted to have a chance to tell dentists how much KöR Whitening can change our patients’ lives, and what an incredible feeling it is to do this for our patients. It has revolutionized my practice. No longer do I have to pray for good results. Unlike all the other types of bleaching that we’ve tried, KöR Whitening has been 100% predictable. I no longer have to deal with those uncomfortable conversations with patients after bleaching, explaining why it didn’t work. My wonderful staff has been totally energized because of KöR Whitening, and they’re all referring their friends and family for the procedure. Finally, I have a predictable bleaching technique that I can be proud of.

Dr. Kurthy, thank you so much for creating such a fantastic bleaching system. Finally, something that works incredibly well all the time!

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