Dr. Kurthy hit a home run! The whitening gel refrigeration, the helpful manuals. . . all amazing. My staff used to be so frustrated with sensitivity and inconsistent bleaching results. Then we tried the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System and haven’t looked back. One member of my staff even tried it on her mottled teeth. She said that within two weeks of completing KöR Whitening, 40 people must have commented on her improved, beautiful smile!

John Cloud, DDS. Canfield, Ohio

My name is John Cloud and I have been practicing in Little Rock, Arkansas for 25 years. Through the years, I have tried a lot of different bleaching techniques. One memorable process prompted a hysterical phone call from my wife when her teeth turned pink after eating strawberries. It all worked out, and we are still married.

We all know the problems with bleaching: sensitivity and hit-or-miss results. My staff and I have become weary of a very popular technique using a light because of these two problems. Yellow teeth respond pretty well, but grays, browns, spots, tetracycline stains . . . forget it.

My staff became so frustrated with bleaching . . . well, they just didn’t want to do it anymore, or even mention it to our patients.

But then we started using Dr. Rod Kurthy’s KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System with some very impressive results. We heard that Dr. Kurthy was changing several things, so we shut it down for a few months as KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ “Evolved.” Wow, was it worth the wait! Rod hit a home run with the total package, and the results are beyond belief.






We read all about Dr. Kurthy’s refrigeration quest and the difference that it would make, but until we actually tried it, we had no idea just how effective this would be. As Rod suggested in the KöR Whitening Training Manual, I offered my staff “free” KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™. The results have been incredible, and my staff is so excited that they start explaining KöR Whitening with my patients before I even get the chance to!

One member of my team is a beautiful young lady who had fluorosis and very mottled teeth (see the accompanying photos). Several prior dentists had refused to attempt whitening, explaining that it would not work in her case with fluorosis, and would even make the mottling more prominent. She’s got a great personality, but was always extremely hesitant to smile. As you can see, her whitening results with the KöR system were spectacular. She told me today that after KöR Whitening, her face sometimes hurts from smiling so much. I kid you not! That’s exactly what she told me. She said she must have had 40 people comment on her beautiful smile within two weeks of completing KöR Whitening.

She’s excited, I’m excited, the rest of my staff is excited, and my patients are excited. No more hit-or-miss – just greatly reduced sensitivity, and the fee is less than for one porcelain veneer.

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