In walked the worst case I’d ever tried to bleach. He was too embarrassed to smile and had been since childhood. The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System changed all that. This is what being a dentist is all about.

Gary Glick, DDS. West Milford, New Jersey

My name is Gary Glick, and I practice in West Milford, New Jersey. This is the worst case I’ve ever tried to bleach. The patient had been embarrassed about his smile since he was a child, and it really affected him. My office staff was on pins and needles hoping we could help this very warm, loving patient with Dr. Rod Kurthy’s KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™.

When finished, the patient was speechless, and so were we! He was so grateful, you would think that I just saved his life. The staff was wowed with his color change and has been pumped up about KöR Whitening ever since.

His bleaching was done sometime back, and his teeth are just as white today as when I completed the case. He eats whatever he wants. He touches up one time per month. He is just as ecstatic now as when the case was finished, and he smiles constantly and broadly.





And this was done using your 9% hydrogen peroxide – just imagine what results we’d have gotten with your new KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ MAX! The results we’re getting on all our KöR Whitening cases are just astounding!

This is what being a dentist is all about – it was truly a life-changing experience for this patient and a very moving experience for the entire staff. Thanks, Dr. Kurthy, for giving us this amazing ability to change our patients’ lives!

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