My 65-year-old practice partner, also a dentist (and an avid coffee drinker) decided to use KöR Whitening after not having much success with other methods. The results were “wow white” and we even had to change the yellow composite on mesial #7 because it was now so noticeable. My patients also love the results they get with the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System.

Alan Rosen, DDS. Springfield, Missouri

I’m Alan Rosen, and I practice in Springfield, Missouri. We have been using KöR Whitening by Dr. Rod Kurthy for quite some time now, and I would just like to share our experiences.

Like every dentist I know, no matter what bleaching system we used, we had nothing but frustration after frustration. Since giving KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ a try, our results have been phenomenal.

I think the best thing about KöR Whitening is that my staff and I can look our patients in the eye and tell them that if we use it, they will get their teeth the absolute whitest they can possibly be. I show them the photos in Dr. Rod Kurthy’s Patient Presentation Photo Album, which we’ve also added our own cases to, and they’re always amazed at what they see.






Dr. Kurthy’s advancements are amazing, and I especially love his new protocol for impressions and the materials he’s developed for them. I’ve never seen such detail in an impression, and the technique is very easy on the patients. Just wait until you see how the Deep Bleaching Trays fit!

The entire process is a lot of fun for patients and our staff, plus it doesn’t take away from doctor time; our staff does it all. Our last case was so happy that she kept kissing my assistant Kassidy on the cheek, over and over, after her last in-office treatment, repeatedly saying, “Thank you for making me so happy!”

The case I’d like to show happens to be my partner, Dr. Dio Daily. We did his case a while back, and I thought it would be fun for you to see another dentist as the patient. Dr. Daily is 65, and he had bleached many times with various other systems. His success was limited and the results usually did not last very long. He is a coffee drinker who always had stains that came back quickly. Other bleaching systems just did not make much of a difference on him.

By using KöR Whitening, his teeth became “wow-white,” and we had to change the old yellow composite on the mesial of #7 quite quickly because it was so noticeable. He’s absolutely overwhelmed with his result. And hey, you can see what my own teeth look like in my photo, so obviously I’m thrilled with the results of KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ for myself too!

Thanks, Dr. Kurthy, for all your help and advice!

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